The sunrise foretold me it was going to be a nice day.  As I drove my car past the bridge I felt a sense of calm settle down on me.  The yellowy pink colour of the sun and part of the sky, made me feel better than I actually should. Humming,  I stepped out of my car, after arriving at my destination.  And with a small hop in my step, I left for my volunteer job.
My colleagues greeted me, and the youngest offered me a cup of coffee.  It was the best cup I’ve had in ages.  And the people were the nicest I’ve ever known them.
I had two separate clients today, asking me questions I could answer without hesitation, and both of them could not stop thanking me for explaining things so clearly.  I felt a bit uncomfortable with all that praise, but accepted it with a smile.
I packed up my stuff when I finished, and after saying my farewells, I walked out to my car again. Sitting down I put my key in the ignition, and my favourite song was playing on the radio.  I smiled and said to myself:

“What a difference a day makes!”