I’m looking for ‘The’ Robin!

I’m searching for ‘the’ Robin.  Have you seen him or her?  Send me your Robin, and be a part of the Story of the Hood!

Robyn 16, female

The story of the hood is a fairy tale, handed down over many hundreds of years.  But it’s still only a story.  And Robyn is just a name.
True it is my name, … However, I’m just a girl, in our society that makes me rather uninteresting.    So I kind of hide my name and my long hair, ain’t that brave of me?

I live with my dad, who is a health inspector.  My mom died a long time ago.  The only thing I remember about her, is that she chose my name.  I can’t understand what she was thinking.

For thousands of years there have been people looking for the savior of the people.  You would think that after all this time they realized that he does not exist.  But no, some still believe the world will change with the birth of Robin from the Hood.

I find him to be a pain in the butt.