The Vates Series book 3

I named the third book!

After Eleni’s Stone, and  Ona’s Path, now comes Ruya’s Battle!
It’s number three, and I have been reading trough a bunch of chaotic ideas I wrote down once.  Glad I’ve done that, cause it’s apparent that I still need a lot to get past book two.

Some things are already getting clear.  Ruya had to make a deal with her father.  She could leave the palace and be a nobody if she joined the military for a year.  After that year she has to take her place as the crown princess.

But even as a child, life has been hard on her.  After the death of her mother and uncle, she is the only one left to sit on the throne.  Politics are working 24 h a day.  Plots are being made and partners are being matched. Ruya just wants to be left alone, to be like everyone else.  She gets to hide for a while, but then reality strikes.

Being in the military is hard, and being a woman in a mostly male team, means fighting for respect.  Her lieutenant is not a fan, but still keeps an eye out for her.  When he realizes who she is, it’s too late, and he is given the assignment to babysit her.  Very slowly, friendship, maybe even romantic feelings, start to grow.

More to come…