Waiting for the mailman.

“Write you damn Bastardo! Write!”  She yells.  Her voice sounds a bit panicky.  She should never have looked at the stats of her webpage.  But it feels like it’s pulling at her every time she puts on her computer.  “AHHH she yells. “I’m trying my hardest to write something, why don’t you leave a comment, or a smiley…”  But then she realizes that the reaction she might get is not the one she might want.  “So what!”  She says, braver than she feels.  “Criticism builds character.”  But she knows the opposite can be just as true.  Frightened she looks at the blank page again.  A blank page, the terror of every writer, at least, it is when it stays blank.  Suddenly an orange little ball pops up.  A nervous feeling follows suit.  “Should I really?”  But she had moved the cursor over the orange ball before she knew what she was doing.  The menu showed a reaction and a smile crept over her lips.  “Finally, my first reaction!”


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