December challenge 11

A lot of us have a smart phone (nope), a tablet (somewhere in the closet),  a computer, an mp3 player, a game console, a tv ….  Technology has changed our lives in the past 15 years.

I know many of you are too young to remember, or it’s just too long ago.  My memory can recall my very first cellphone.  My mom made me take it cause I just learned how to drive, and I had to work at night.  Today people look at me strange when I tell them I do not own a smartphone.  It’s a choice I’ve made.  But then again I can hardly find a day where I don’t use the computer my boyfriend got me.

When you write, do you use these technical wonders, or do you leave them behind (in your writing)?  Have you asked yourself why you use (or don’t) use them?

The challenge: Write a short piece about going viral!