Denise claas @ going Viral dec.chal. 11

As she stepped on the train and walked past the already seated people, she felt alone.  Not once did she see a smile, or a twinkle in an eye.  All she could see was faces turned down towards the small screens they were holding.
When she sat down, placing her computer bag between her legs, she took out a pencil and paper.  How she wanted to write…  but no words would come.
What did appear on her tiny blank paper, was a round and silly face.  She smiled back at the picture she had just drawn.  And so did the young girl sitting next to her.  The girl took a picture with her smart thingy, posted it online  and then the darnest thing happened.  Some people on the train smiled at their little screen.  A smile here, and there …  they multiplied.  When it was time to step out of the train,  she no longer felt alone.  Passing by all those rows of chairs, she saw a bunch of silly, smiling faces.

challenge 11


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