Denise claas @ Dec.Chal. Rituals

I have already talked about this ritual, but it’s still a part of my chars’ evening ritual.

It’s been a long day, and her body is aching for some sleep.  But before she satisfies her need for rest,  she steps into the city centre.  The  many  orphaned children have already gathered.  When they see her, some stand up, run towards her and  hug or hold her hand.  She listens to them, as they talk about their day.  And she feels better after seeing the smiles of these children.
They all sit down in a large circle at their meeting spot, when Ruya takes her place, she forms a circle shaped bubble.  After muttering a spell, a small flame appears in the middle of it.
Handing over the bubble to the child on her right she smiles.  And then she repeats the gestures as many a time as there are children in the circle.  After that,  once more, so she is holding one in her own hands.
“We thank the stars for another evening. May the ones I love find their way back to me, and guide me trough the darkened night.”
One by one, the bubbles are released.  They rise up, and hoover above the city sky.  And as the children return to the families that have taken them in, Ruya looks up at the sky, before turning around and heading back home.  She readies herself for bed, kisses her mother’s picture, then turns off the light. The stars and lanterns light the room softly.  And while looking at the stars, she eventually falls in a deep slumber.