Denise claas @ Dec.Chal. 7

A piece that I ended up not using, because my character became a more intellectual type.  But the fragment does express the challenge best.

All the members of the new formed team received a uniform.  Ona took the bundle of  clothes, but when trying it on, being the only girl, it soon became clear that the uniform did not fit.  The shirt, felt comfortable in her hands, but when wearing, clung to her breasts as if it were painted straight onto her body.  The pair of pants was just too big and felt stiff.  When she came from behind the screen she had used to get dressed, all eyes where suddenly drawn to her.  Ona felt uneasy.  Her friend gave her a jacket to wear, and Ona felt her cheeks redden.  The day went horrible, she just was unable to move in the uniform and at the end of the day, she was called in by her trainer.  “I don’t know what is going on, but fix it or you’re out of the team.”  Ona nodded, while scratching her legs.  “And stop scratching, what is going on with you?”  Suddenly Annis came to her and lifted the hem of her pants.  Her legs where bright red.  “Probably an allergic reaction to the fabric.”  she mumbled.  But Ona’s trainer looked annoyed.  “Fix it, and fix it fast.”  

Annis took Ona by the hand and pulled her towards the kitchen, where another woman helped her cool down her legs with wet towels.  The women stood around the uniform.  It was a traditional uniform, in green colours.  But it was not appropriate for a young girl.   Ona drew on a piece of paper a slim pare of pants, a short skirt and a fitting shirt.  And soon the experienced, enthusiastic women went to work with scissors and needles.  It took them until morning.  But from a few t-shirts, an old pair of pants, and a vest, a new female uniform was born.  Ona was wearing the leggings, skirt, shirt, vest and gloves.  She put up her hair and jumped up and down, moved around and felt like this was exactly what she needed to feel comfortable in, and it was easy to move in.  When she arrived in the training room, faces looked up.  her trainer came closer and looked the uniform over, before shaking his head and moving along, making everyone stand in one line,…

I guess it’s clear why I did not use it.  Well, …  not my best work!


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