December Challenges 13

Holidays!  Food, presents, cold weather and family parties.
I have too many of them during the months of December and January.

Your challenge: write a family Christmas dinner or exchange of gifts.

In need of characters?

  • Mary, 62, retired career woman, can’t cook, has found new love in daytime soap-series.
  • Dave, 65, ex teacher, always knows best, has no hobbies, trouble keeping awake.
  • Leanne, 37, stay at home mom, feels like a depression is just around the corner, hates folding laundry
  • Rave, 35, always the party guy, single no real worries in life
  • Donald, 40, ghost
  • Eliza, cat with only one eye
  • Safie, 5, just found out that fairy tales are not real and realized that she isn’t a real princess
  • Brum, 7, wants to be an astronaut, and won’t leave his spacesuit at home.  Loves reading his ‘space, the final frontier’ book
  • Lad, the lazy dog
  • Mortimer, the old man who can’t hear but understands very well
  • The Sarth Family, neighbours, more holy than Christmas angels

Have fun!