December Challenge 15

The last of my December Challenges

The house is comfortably warm as you walk down the stairs. Sleep still blurs your eyes, but the lights of holiday decorations seem to wake you up in an instant.  You hold still, smelling the freshly made coffee.  When you follow your nose, you find a cup of the still steamy liquid, with your name on it.  You take a sip, and for a moment enjoy the taste of morning.
While looking around, your eyes fall on a large present that was hiding in plain view, underneath the tree.  On the card it says:

Dear you,

I love how you always pass by, and to thank you, I decided to give you something special.  In this large and luxurious package, is something you have always wanted.  Something that is just absolutely the best present ever!  Hope you enjoy it.

Love me!

You fold the card and wonder for a moment what could be in the package.  For a moment you look around, but then you can’t wait any longer.  Curious you sit in front of the present.  And calmly you start to unwrap.  It does not take long however, before your patience runs out, and you start ripping the paper away.  When you are finally done, you step back to see what you got, and find……………  (leave a description below).