The medicine of writing (1)

After half a day at my volunteer job,  a daily dose of mom business and the usual annoyances, I decided to take a break!

Today I change my clothes and pack my bag!  I am leaving for a relaxing time.
While taking a seat at the table, my boyfriend hands me a cup of tea and bows down for a farewell kiss.  After seeing him leave my sight, I open up the computer and hit the first button.   Soon, I am transported into a different world.

Suddenly I don’t look like a 34 year old, tired, mom of two.  I don’t wear my usual sneakers, hoodies, or shawls.  I am someone completely different.  Every ounce of fatigue has disappeared out of this body, that seems to move on its own.

I walk down this path that feels so different from my own, I experience things I can only dream of, and know stuff that I didn’t think could ever be in my mind.
This world, although not perfect, is full of emotions.  At every bend a new adventure seems to start.  And I feel liberated.

Sometimes the road is not as easy as it could be, it can be frustrating when I lose my way.  But in the end, for just a little while, I don’t have to be myself.

But then the time comes, that I need to return.  No clicking my heels, no jump in a painting, just the return to hard reality.  I close the computer and leave my writing behind!


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