New Year challenge 4/15!

Many of us have made the New Year’s resolution of writing more, some of us might have chosen to communicate better through writing.  So the next challenge is:

Express yourself!

We are capable of a great range of emotions.  And most of us, have a good sense of empathy.  But feeling it and putting those feelings into words, are two different things.

You can say that you feel loved, but what do you actually feel?  Are your cheeks hot, does your belly tingle?  And that’s just one thing.
Thinking about different kinds of the same feeling.  You can feel angry. Is it a frustrated feeling, are you raging, is it simmering while you look calm,…?

It can be rather hard to put your finger on the exact feeling that is living inside you.  Give it a go.  Write down a feeling, one that you are feeling right now,  and try to find the words that explain exactly how you feel!

All answers are welcome in the comment box !