New year Challenge 5/15!


Being original must be something really hard.  I have been looking at the movies that are presented to us in the new year and I must say I’m disappointed.  Sequels, prequels, numbers three, four and five, remakes of remakes,….   I’m not saying any of them aren’t good or interesting.  I’m saying there seems to be less new stories being filmed in the new year.

That being said it can be really hard to find something completely new.  Not borrowing from what we already know.  A good example of that is our own fantasy stories.  How many build on elves, magic or vampires, out of movies, and books we’ve already visited.
Again, not that it’s wrong, but can we still find something new in this New year.

The Challenge: Find or write one story that’s truly original!

As always, your findings, comments and answers are welcome in the comment box below.


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