New year challenge 12/15!

A new year, a new age…..  35 is coming way too fast!  And I don’t always feel my age.  Sometimes I rather feel 82 and sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and thinks I’m still 24.

That number 24 seems to be the age I use most in my writings.  My  main characters are always (no idea why) in their twenty’s.  How about your characters?

Here’s the challenge.  Can you write the same scene from with the same character in a different age categorie?  Try one from your own, or use following:

  • you are traveling by airplane
  • second time flying
  • you have a red bag and your ticket in hands
  • nervous
  • a lot of people in line, some young some older
  • look at your phone, expecting someone to call
  • someone talks to you
  • you get to board the plane, and find your seat

Age: 8, 14, 19, 23, 35, 42, 65, 84

Don’t forget to leave comments or your answer at the comment box. Or contact me by email!

Happy writing !!