New Year challenge 13/15 (about time)

Today, me and my boyfriend have been together for 11 years.  It’s been a rocky road, with many obstacles, but love has never been one of them.

It will be the first time in over zeven months that he and I will be heading out on our own.  No children, no friends, no family.  It will be the first time I won’t have Eleanor with me, at night.  I know they are well taken care of, at my mother’s house, but it’s still a scary thing.  Must be some weird mom reaction, as I am getting teared up just writing about it.

So I was thinking that we don’t really have all that much time together, there are just not enough hours in a day.  When you finally find a free hour, you actually just want to go to bed, or quickly do this or that, before the kids wake up,…

I wondered can we make more time?  I often hear you have to make time for this and that.  But when thinking about my day, waking up, dressing, feeding kids, taking him to school, playing with her, changing diapers, cleaning floors, folding laundry, doing volunteer job, prepping lessons,  picking up, making diner, bathing them and putting them to bed, there is not much room for more.  How do you go make time, can I buy more time?

Here is you challenge: write a small piece about making, baking or building more time


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