New Year challenge 15/15

When new things start, others … end.

And endings are the thing I’m thinking about right now.  Have you had a character dying on you?  It’s strange isn’t it.  Somehow they all have something left to say.    This might be at bit too much for some of you, so if you find this subject hard, move on!

If you desire inspiration, you can check out This Wiki page with famous last words.  On a more literary note you could read this wiki page.

The challenge: give these people some, meaningful last words.

  • Barb is a 23 y old virgin. Fell out of the window, trying to clean off egg and other dirty things thrown at her house.
  • Hubert is 75, and just learned how to email.  He has found out he has incurable kind of cancer and takes his own life.
  • Amelya, is a 18 year old witch, with a death sentence.  She will be burned at the stake.
  • General Baker 52, on the battlefield, will leave a loveless wife behind.
  • Sondra, a 30 year old bride, has her wedding terrorized by her fiancés ex-girlfriend.
  • Danielle, is giving birth to a child, she did not want.  Her son is a half demon.

If you dare to take the challenge, please let me know in the comment box below, or mail me your message!