Satisfaction x2

I teach people how to use a computer as a volunteer.  Most of my clients are 50+ people who are starving for knowledge that can bring them closer to their children and grandchildren. And it is the most fun job I can think of at this moment. (within my capabilities)

Yesterday, I had to start over with a new group of people.  Starting their computer, learning how to use a mouse or touchpad.  Teaching the meaning of different buttons and icons. It’s what I love doing.  Why?  Their faces, when they are ready for the first word, or the first click.  It’s priceless.  I only do basic things, and ask them what they want to know.  So when I made them go to Google website.  They all said: “ohhhh, now, I know what Googling means.”  I found it to be a funny moment.  Apparently it’s even a verb now.

I always tell my clients that the solitair game is made to learn how to use a mouse.  All the important motions of using a mouse can be practised with that game.  So they diligently play a game of cards every night. But then someone asked the question, is there a fun way to learn how to type. And I didn’t really know any at the top of my hat. But there are some, however, I did not find one, really suited for my demographic.  Could be the next big thing if you are a game app developer.

What I really want to say is, I have a lot of respect for the people that come to me with a question.  Most of them are elderly women who honestly want to learn how to us this technology.  It’s amazing how fast they learn.  Yes, I need to repeat and repeat, but they truly listen to what I say, and after only three lessons with me, they surf the web, send mail and upload their photos onto the computer. They are so satisfied with the knowledge that I bring them, and I feel satisfied to be of use again.  So I guess, that proves it.

Even an old dog (forgive the expression) can learn new tricks.  And a broken one, can still be useful!