Air Goodwinn (1)

Important Airboard news: Rohan Williams will return to our country next year. He is joining a new team. Together they will be preparing for participation in official competitions in 2041. The two-time winner of the Air Diamond Cup thus surprised friend and foe. After the incident with fellow contestant Issac Viera, three years ago, the athlete was disqualified from all competitions during that year. Issac Viera on the other hand was not penalised, much to the dismay of Williams. He left the country after getting offers from teams abroad. No one expected him to return to the local competition. The new team, under the watchful eye of Peter Goodwinn, found Williams eager to return, thanks to the financial and material support from sponsor Antonini Wolfe. Whether there’s a link with four-time world champion Nicholas Antonini is not clear.

…  more to come soon.