Recap Jan. challenges!

(January) New Year prompts and challenges

A recap:

  1. Make 12 writer’s New Year’s resolutions for 2016.
  2. Write down the last five minutes of the old year.  You can also write them out for Danny, the 30 year old man, that just finished his day job.
  3. Make a list of new things that you have, or will be encountering in the year 2016!
  4. Express yourself! Write down a feeling, one that you are feeling right now,  and try to find the words that explain exactly how you feel!
  5. Find or write one story that’s truly original!
  6. Experience a book in a different way, watch a play, listen to the audiobook or read a picture book!  If you are brave, why not try and read your writings out loud, tape them and listen to your own voice.  It might give you a different view of your own writingMind1
  7.  Brainstorm for ideas starting from the word New!
  8. Make a list of names you like.  One for men, one for women.  Make sure to save the file, cause it’s handy to use in the future.
  9. Make a timeline for your next writing year, and don’t forget projects like NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNo if you would like to participate.
  10. Write a synopsis for one of the following  movies and book covers.  Let your imagination run wild and build on the title and picture. (Original text)
  11. Write 1/2 a page about Jasper who has been repeating the same year for 7 years.  And is about to start the 8th.  How does he feel?   Does he still feel hope?  Is he celebrating, living with the same friends and family?  Or does something actually look different?
  12. Can you write the same scene with the same character in a different age category?  Try one from your own, or use one of the following: (Age: 8, 14, 19, 23, 35, 42, 65, 84)  you are travelling by airplane, second time flying, you have a red bag and your ticket in your hands, nervous, a lot of people in line, some young some older, look at your phone, expecting someone to call, someone talks to you, you get to board the plane, and find your seat
  13. Write a small piece about making, baking or building more time
  14. Design a piece of jewellery.  What’s it’s meaning, what power does it hold?  How special does it make the wearer?
  15. Give these people some, meaningful last words.
    1)Barb is a 23 y old virgin. Fell out of the window, trying to clean off egg and other dirty things thrown at her house.    2) Hubert is 75, and just learned how to email.  He has found out he has an incurable kind of cancer and takes his own life. 3) Amelya, is an 18 year old witch, with a death sentence.  She will be burned at the stake.  4) General Baker 52, on the battlefield, will leave a loveless wife behind.  5) Sondra, a 30 year old bride, has her wedding terrorized by her fiancés ex-girlfriend. 6) Danielle, is giving birth to a child she did not want.  Her son is a half demon.

That marks the end of our January challenges.  More next month the theme will have a hint of romance.  Look forward to seeing fifteen more challenges!