When life gets 2 work

My son went to bed without a problem last night.  Big celebration from his dad and me.  But when I put Eleanor into her bed, and was getting ready for my own night’s rest, my son cried out to me.  He was sick.  His sheets, his PJ’s, teddy, …   Every little thing was covered with …yucky …

Anyway, I woke up the boyfriend and while I was calming, undressing, cleaning, and redressing our boy, he took care of the rest.  Half an hour later everything was clean, he did not feel that bad anymore, so we put him back to bed.

I went to the bathroom trying to get myself ready for bed, for real this time.
But no…  It was not meant to be.  We had the same problem.  So I decided to clean again, but this time I took him downstairs.  I placed him on top of a big towel on the sofa, and covered him with a blanket.  Next to the sofa I was preparing a bucket, a towel, paper napkins and my own resting spot, when PJ number three earned a trip to the washing machine.

We cleaned everything for a third time and I took place on the sofa alongside my son.  I did not get much sleep, neither did the little boy, but at least no PJ’s where harmed in the process anymore.

To all moms and dads who stay up the night taking care of their children. I applaud you, I cheer for you, I join you!  And while both children just went down for a nap, I say: SLEEP TIGHT, CAUSE TOMORROW MIGHT BE ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT!