Wonderful word day

Brendablagdon, from wonderfulwordsblog, decided that the 23rd of each month would be  Wonderful Wordsday. Why the 23rd? W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.

Curious, I am. Again not my cup of tea, probably because my native language is Flemish, otherwise known as Dutch. But I do like the idea. Seeing how my English vocabulary can only expand.  I will do my own version of this wondrous day, in honour of the great idea, handed by the author of the wonderfulwordsblog.

So I open my dictionary looking for a word that I do not know yet, but want to know more about…  wait for it…  pages are turning…

Actually I’m taking a word I found a while back.  Seeing how I didn’t know what it meant, but really liked it…

The word I want to celebrate today is MAVEN.  Meaning an expert or connoisseur.    

I am definitely no Maven at this word thingy!