Building the Dropkin Clan

Basic world info:

The world has changed after the melting of the icecaps.  Most of our land has gone lost in  the deep of the water.  People have found different ways to live, as the grains of dry sand are threatened with extinction.
Some have found luck and survive on the last islands of earth, others took measures and made home at sea.  The ones most prepared, decided to take flight.
The large Sky Domes are a wondrous sight.  Soon however, they become a horror for many children, as they are sold, in exchange of medicine,  or technology.   Parents sell their children, thinking they get an education at Sky Dome Academy.   Merchants resell orphans, and there are even, thieves, that steal babies and small children in hope to make their fortune.  Truth is no one knows what actually happens at the education center, because no one returns and no news is exchanged between the people from the sky and the people from the surface.

Questions I need to answer:

  • What made our world change?
  • Have the past events been predicted, or did mankind have to adjust to the new environment? 
  • Who predicted what?
  • What did or did not come true of those predictions?
  • How much still remains of the world we used to know?
  • How far are cities and living areas separated from each other.
  • How is transportation organised?  Is it open to anyone?  Is it a safe way to travel?
  • Have fauna an flora changed? 
  • How did the change in environment affect the weather and the seasons?
  • Are there specific effects on people (health, food, growth,….)
  • What happened to  :
    • Technology and energy 
    • Roads and houses
    • The population (how many?)
    • Drinkable water
  • How is the knowledge about earth and history?
  • How is tradition and history handed down through the generations?
  • Did the calendar change?
  • Are strangers normal and welcome?
  • What currency is used?
  • What product are assumed to be luxury?
  • What is accepted in appearance and clothing?
  • Is the design of clothes, houses, and furniture dependant on the area of living?
  • How do they handle :
    • Fire
    • Flooding
    • Storms
    • Snow
    • Do these happen often?
  • How do they tell time?
  • Is the style of clothing dependant on living arrangements?
    • Colour, fabric
    • Are weapons normal?
  • Are jewels of importance?
    • Is there a meaning?
    • Is there still tradition in jewellery?
  • What about food and drinks?
    • How often do they eat?
    • What do they eat and drink?
    • Is their a need to ration?
    • Local foods and drinks?
  • Is education a right or a duty?

    • Open to anyone?
    • How is it organised?
  • What about holidays?
    • When and what is celebrated?
  • How do they communicate?
  • Languages?
  • Is there religion?