Air Goodwinn (2)

While Oliver refolds  the newspaper on the table, he grins.
“It’s not much, but any publicity is welcome.”  He looks at Maelle, Who doesn’t budge from her seat.
“By the way do you have any idea how Peter convinced him to come back? ”
“No, but that’s not important.”  Maelle is still working on the board in front of her.
“We finally have an idea who the last board shall belong to .”

In recent weeks, Robert and Oliver have been prompting speculation about who the last airboarder of the team would be. However, none of them had Rohan Williams placed on their short list of expectations.
“I wonder what he is  really like. Mae, have you any idea whether he will be there next week? ”
Upon hearing her name she looks up from her work.
“Hmm? Who?”
“Rohan Williams, will he be here next week for the introductions?”
Oliver looks at her with an expression filled with expectation.
“No idea. I have not heard from Peter this week.”  Caressing the top layer of the board, she moves along.
“I suspect he’ll walk in, but he won’t stay that long, because he still has two games with his current team. ” …


More to come soon…