Checkthisout! With the letter A.

Checkthisout! Three times, something to look at, starting with the letter A.

  • Art called ‘Underside True side‘, by Madison Likens!
    I can’t really say if I like the drawing or not.  The reason I chose this however, is because it spoke to me.  I feel like it really pops up from the paper, and that interested me.2


  •  Antagonists researched by VICTORIA ANGELIQUE in her post titled ‘Villains vs Antagonists’.  A pity that she only decided to write in depth about the villain.  Seeing how it is called vs.  But The villain part is interesting and made me think about my own villains.


  • Answers are searched for by J. Boggs in her humorous post ‘I Want Answers, Yesterday.‘  The reason I would like to share this,…  I was actually funny, so I decided to hare the smile!


That’s it for today.  More to come soon!