Checkthisout! With a big, beautiful B!

Three sights to see, three posts to read!

  1. Battle scene writing by Vic Salinas.  At A Writer’s Path, hosted by Ryan Lanz
    I chose this because I found it an interesting topic.  As a visual person I sometimes struggle with these and people must think I’m loosing my last marbles, seeing me try stuff out, to be able to write about it.  So definitely worth a checkthisout! for those who struggle like I do!


  1. Beer bread by John at tastefullysimplewithjohn.
    Being Belgian, cooking with beer is not unheard of.  But beer bread?  Except for the double B it fits right in my ally.  I liked the picture of the bread, so I’m shoving the recipe to my cook (boyfriend).  Who knows,…


  1. Butterfly Blue by Cherylorraine Smith.@ PICPICPIC
    The blue in the picture is really nice, and although I get the feeling something is cut of too soon from the picture, I still like it enough to checkthisout!