About the man I love!

My love,

he isn’t what I’ve always dreamed of.  He isn’t the man of big romantic gestures. He forgets our anniversary,…  every time.
But I know for sure he loves me.

As time goes by, I feel that our love does not grow, but is does deepen.  We kiss, hug, laugh and fight on a daily basis.  After two children and my bad health, it is clear, that he stays by my side, not because he feels he needs to, but because he wants to.


My love isn’t the most handsome man, but from the start he was the one that interested me.  He listened, kicked my ass, fought me, took care of me.  He lets me falter, then mocks me,  he comforts me and pushes me to try again.

He loves me and that’s for sure.  I just wished he showed it even a little more 🙂 .