Air Goodwinn (3)

Robert looks at the designs and feels a little doubtful.
“Do you think these designs, will get the okay?”
“They are within regulations and still they look wicked don’t they?”  Maelle takes a step back, to look at her work.
“We can at least try them. Besides if I invest in something it’d better be brilliant and loud. ”
“Like Rohan Williams?” Oliver grins while looking at her, but then holds back quickly when he sees a visitor arriving trough the window. Maelle turns around and immediately recognized Peter’s face. Beside him is the head of the Airboard Association and Oliver’s father. Maelle sighs. She does not have a good relationship with the man and dreads dealing with him.
“Oliver, Robert, hide the boards, make sure that no plans are exposed.”
Maelle phones their lawyer while she pulls her hair in a tight tail. When the doorbell rings, the phone finally makes a connection.
“Carolyn Kent, good afternoon.” Even with only a greeting trough a telephone, Carolyn manages to sound like a wintered layer.
“Carolyn, Mae here, am  I interrupting?” There is no pause.
“No, darling, what can I do for you?” Carolyn sounds cheerful.
“Lucas Manson is standing on my  doorstep.” A small amount of worry, moves past her words.
“Have you opened the door?”
“No, I’m walking to the door in slow motion.” Carolyn sounds relieved.
“Fine, let the man in the house, but not in the workshop. Make sure to take your time, I’m on my way. “


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