Air Goodwinn (4)

“Robert, Oliver, we are taking a break.” Both men nod and follow her when she opens the door and steps outside.
“Good afternoon gentlemen. Can I help you?”
“I’m sorry for the unexpected visit Maelle but Mr. Manson insisted on coming to you immediately.” Peter looks at her apologetically.

She gives him a pat on the back.
“That’s okay, Peter, we were about to enjoy a cup of tea, you may want to join us.” Lucas Manson apparently had other plans and wanted to grab her by the arm to stop her, but at the sight of his son, he stops.
“I’m a busy man.  Do you think I have time to chat with a cup of tea?” His sullen look did not keep Maelle from answering with a bright smile
“If we had been informed of your visit, we would have loved to help you follow your schedule. But since that’s not the case. I suggest that you come back another time, or make the time for a warm cup of tea until my layer is present. “

Shocked by the lack of respect, Lucas Manson thinks about his next move. He glanced at his son and then turns to the house. “A cup of tea seems fine, Mae.”
“For you, Mr. Manson, it’s Ms. Antonini Wolfe, thank you.”
While Robert leads the way, Maelle takes Oliver by the hand. He is shaking. She quickly puts her arm around him, and gives him an encouraging wink while they walk behind the others.