Valentine challenge 9/15

Love and romance, are all sugary and sweet.  But what if it rains and all that love just somehow, seems to melt away.  If starting a relationship is hard and maintaining a relationship is hard, then ending a relationship must be hard as well.

Emotions are not something that just go away, because someone tells you to.  How do we handle those feelings, that come along with the ending of a relationship?  Are sappy songs and tears the way to go? Is it as hard to make the decision to end the relationship as it is to be dumped?



The challenge:  Write about at least three different stages of grieve a character goes trough before or after the ending of a relationship.    And then write about three other stages they go trough before being ready to accept or look for, a new love.

Happy writing and as always,
your comments and reactions are received with joy!