Checkthisout letter C!

Three Cute or cuddly things?  Can you see what interested me?

  1. The search for candy, led me to this inspiring picture.  When I looked around the many pictures of Pavel Ivanov, I found his photography, gave me a good feeling.  It inspires me.  So I think if it has this effect on me, it might bring something wonderful to others as well.
  2. Double C with this one.  Champagne and Chocolate.  I am no cook, and most attempts just end up in a total mess.  But this looks yummy.  So thank yous go to Sarah, who leaves me with this eager feeling, of still wanting to try this out!  Happy valentine to all of us with champagne and chocolate.
  3. Pix Ninja took me by surprise.  I expected more, but then fell in love with the simplicity.  Poetry and pictures, I like it!  Go and have a look at “Allow Me to be Blunt,” said the crayon.

C is for cookies says my son, but I think these three will do for now.  Have fun and do visit these fantastic peeps!