Valentine’s challenge 11/15

Fairy tales and fairy tale ending, … ..really do you believe?  I mean, do you expect one day, prince charming is coming to knock on your door?  And then what?  Love will just magically appear?

Yup, you’ve guest right.  I’m a nonbeliever!  I love my boyfriend wouldn’t return him for all the money in the world.  But is he my prince charming?  …  HELL NO!!!


Am I hoping for a fairy tale ending?  Yeah, I guess I am.  Why?  That’s a darn good question.  If I am realistic, I know him well enough, to know that he will not ask me to marry him.  We have build a house and a family together, but he just does not want to marry (his words)!  Am I sad?  Yes, I do want to marry, I used to not really care.  But with every passing year, I yearn more for the thing I know I’m not gonna get.

That being said, a challenge: Note three things about love you yearn for as in a fairy tale, but know, you will probably never get.  Following that write down three wishes you’d make if your fairy godmother would pass by.  Are they the same? So is what you want, also what you need?  If your writing, why not try this for your character, it will give good insight and maybe even a plausible twist!