Ramblings of a painfully tired mom

Dear you,

Today I got a brilliant advice from a coach.  After being told that I looked horrible (thank you for that btw, wasn’t aware of that when I saw my face in the mirror) , he told me not to forget to take a break once in a while.
How do you take a break from being a mom, a chronic pain patient?

I have yet to figure this out.

I know they mean well, but it’s so frustrating.  Like if I don’t know,  I should take some time to myself.  But my kids are my lifeline and my downfall.  I just can’t find the balance yet.  So I asked his advice on that (trying to be proactive).  But apparently the best advice  he could muster, was finding a hobby or taking up a sport.

Hmmmm, ….  sport you say, …. you do realize that I’m in pain like, … always?(I have tried yoga and swimming)  I’d been happy if he’d said :  I don’t know , maybe I could talk to some of my colleagues  who have children, see if they have experiences that could be of use!

Anyway, made an appointment with the doctor to see if I can change some of my medication to fight the symptoms, so  I can relax my muscles a bit and then,…

a do over?

I feel rather frustrated, ….  again!

with love (and frustration)