Recap Feb. challenges!

  1. Write down 3 differences between falling in love, being in love and feeling love.
  2. Write about red lipstick. Maybe it was a stain, or the wrong colour, an unwanted gift, or perhaps the mark of something darker.
  3. Write down a list of different kinds of love. If you want to use them in writing, take a dictionary and look those up to define them.  And then try and imagine the feelings by writing three words /feelings about each different kind of love.
  4. Write down a short scene about being wooed!
  5. Give Charles some pointers .  What can he do, read, watch, to find his romantic side?  What got your romantic juices running?
  6. Chose two people to flirt without any words, and write a short scene.
  7. What happens next?
  8. write a 10 phase plan on how to say I love you!
  9. Write about at least three different stages of grieve a character goes trough before or after the ending of a relationship.    And then write about three other stages they go trough before being ready to accept or look for, a new love.
  10. Find a meaning for every letter of the word. Can you create a poetic definition of the word?
  11. Note three things about love you yearn for as in a fairy tale, but know, you will probably never get.  Following that write down three wishes you’d make if your fairy godmother would pass by.  Are they the same? So is what you want, also what you need?  If your writing, why not try this for your character, it will give good insight and maybe even a plausible twist!
  12. Write a message or caption for each of following cards.
  13. Make a short, short story about love.  Pick a character and a type of relationship from the lists below, …  have fun!
  14. Think about what the things are, that only your love can do for you?  Do you have a character that has a special bond with his/her love?  And what does it do to the person?
  15. Put your pen 2 paper for fifteen minutes.  Your theme will be: Now my love is leaving!