And now my love is leaving! Denise @ Ending love prompt

I cried my while writing this:

And now my love is leaving.

It’s been a long and hard road. We were good together, but no more.
I have told you again and again, don’t leave me before I leave you.
But then you do….

Tears keep falling, as do I.
Why must you leave?
Why do I have to be reminded of you, when you are no longer here?
The big hands that grasp me are no longer yours, but the faces, the pained smiles, look so much like you.

I want to shout at you:
I hate you, for leaving me!
I can’t, cause still I love,….

Will you wait for me, my love? Will you be there when my time has come?
I want your arms to comfort me, to tell me I’ll be fine.
I hope your arms will welcome me, when we see each other again.
But,…  for now your love is gone and so are you.

Until then the faces that look so much like you , … hold my hand, hug me.
My baby’s look so much like you, The are all grown up, and are filled with bits and pieces of you.

Goodbye my love, until we meet again!

And now my love is leaving prompt

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