I hear the bells ringing! Denise @ Easter prompt 4/15

I hear the bells ringing, as I wake up from a dreamless sleep.  The sound of the kopper noise, makes me remember that today is the day of the wedding.  Oh, no, i’s not mine.  My bother is about to wed my ex-girlfriend.   We didn’t even break up, when the both of them started something.  And half a year later, they are already getting married.
I can taste the booze in my mouth.  I feel sick,…  I am gonna be sick.
I run as fast as I can in the direction of the bathroom, where I trow up until the tears are rolling down, my sides are hurting and my throat feels like sandpaper.

There’s banging and it takes me about five minutes to figure out it’s not my head.  My dad is outside my door.  Yelling and screaming.  Why?  Because the bastard of a brother even had the audacity to choose me for his best man.  And my dad made sure I could not say no.
I look over at the alarm clock.  “Damn, only half an hour late.”

When I finally open the front door, my father storms in.  “Where is he?”  He yells.
Unaware of what or who he is talking about.  “Who?”  I almost stumble walking back to my bedroom.  “Your brother!”  Again with the yelling.   “Why do you think I know, where he is?”  And hen I walk into my bedroom.  Looking up, I see the luscious curves of the woman I used to date, naked.  My mouth drops to the floor and immediately I turn and close the door behind me.  Just in time before my father sees what’s in there.
“He should be in his room, shouldn’t he?” I tried to take his attention away from the room he almost walked into, and it worked. He moved along and sat down in the sofa.
“He’s not there.”  Father sighed.


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