5 ways to generate idea’s!

Inspiration and ideas do not always magically appear, they usually grow.  But once in a while we might need a jump start and these tools help you do just that!

  1. You would like to join camp NaNoWriMo but have no idea what to write?
    Here’s an idea: Go to this plot generator  @ http://www.plot-generator.org.uk/ and let it help you find inspiration.
  2. You can’t yet do the full length novel, but want to write!
    Why not write a bunch of short story’s?  You can also use the plot generator to help you out when you get stuck.  Remember to give the collection a nice name and theme.
  3. Another generator can help you with characters and locations.  Find it  here.
  4. You need a warm up before going the whole mile?  Give this generator , at
  5. Need inspiration for just about everything?  Take a look at this .  You can find generators for about anything, going from relationship ideas to random ideas. Sprinhole. net  brings a lot of help with simple but effective idea generators.

And remember: generators are a helping tool.  You are still the writer and the real ideas are in your own mind, ready to be set free.  Good luck and please share your experiences with any of these generators!