Finding a Way to Organize

This is definitely something worth looking at! Thanks for sharing!

Author Amanda McCormick

Writing Tips and Tricks

I’ve spoken before on finding a way to keep track of your writing. I’m constantly experimenting – I’ve found two ways that work for me so far, and you’ve been seeing how I implement those.

So far, I use a spreadsheet, and a desk calendar. That, in tandem with a daily WriteDeck has been my go-to method for the past few months. Today, I discovered something else, that’s put a new spin on writing… and I’m finding that I really enjoy it!

The site is called MyWriteClub, and it seems to be in beta right now. However, you can add friends, get into sprints with aforementioned friends, set daily/monthly/etc goals for yourself. It’s just another place for you to have accountability, and I always promote accountability. The perk of this place is, if you do end up joining… we can be friends! We could even potentially sprint together. I…

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