Dear you (you know who you are)

Dear you,

Yes, I am a mom.  And I talk about my children a lot!
I understand that you have no children and find the topic rather boring.
However I feel obliged to tell you that while your job only takes eight hours of your 5 day long workweek, you can’t seem to shut up about that.

We all try to listen tentative to your often uncomprehending stories, about the office.  So I am a bit baffled  by your reaction an your abrupt question to shut up about my kids. As I am a mom day and night, seven days a week.

However, I will take note of your preferences and adjust them to mine, by walking past you next time we meet, until you find the decency to apologize for the way you reacted.  (not what you said, but how you said it.)

Until that time I leave you with a picture of my loving kids, who are most important to me!

Best wishes