What I like about NaNoWriMo is the fact that you have a goal and an aid to reach that goal. The problem is that I don’t seem to be able to repeat that experience when the events are over.  That’s why I was interested in MyWriteClub.

  1. What are the uses of this club?  
    Well, they explain what you can do:functionsfunctions2The last part always helps me when I’m stuck or am dragging my feet for some idiotic reason.  So I was looking at it a little more up close.functions3A) This is how it works according to the clubprovider:


    * You can join a sprint, and type words in the web browser.
    * You can share your word count with other sprinters in the same sprint.  Your words stay private.
    * Even when you close your browser, your words will still be here when you return.
    * You can Auto-save to Dropbox by clicking the Dropbox icon . It has an auto-save function.
    * Every 100 words you type, earns you a star next to your name for all to see.

    How do word sprints work?
    * Sprints start every half hour and last 25 minutes.
    * When you move to a different sprint, the words you wrote follow you.
    * The progress bars count up to 100 and then start over for the next 100. Every 100 words you earn a star, every 1000 words you earn a different star.  you’re stars are visible to others.
    * There’s a five-minute suggested break period between sprints, but if you’re on a roll, you just keep writing!

    What about my work?
    It is automatically saved as you type. If you refresh or close your browser, your work will be here waiting for you when you return. However, (this is copy past from their site) if your computer bursts into flames or gets thrown out a window, or if you clear your browser’s local storage, you’ll probably lose your work. That is why the Dropbox function exists.  The club will not touch any other folder than the created myWriteClub folder.

    b) My feelings about these sprints:functions4
    * It is a shame that sprints start every 30 minutes and last 25 minutes each.  I prefer short sprints, because of my concentration level just plummets after fifteen minutes.  So It’s a pity you can’t set up your own time sprints.
    * That being said, there are a few positive things as well.  You have an immediate word count visible if you like.  You can hide it as well.    You can see how far along your goal you are and how much you still need to suffer! 🙂  And you can see what others in your sprint do.
    * I have yet to figure out how to add people to my sprint, but as I don’t yet have friends added, that may be the real reason, I haven’t figured that out.
    * The autosave function is a big help!
  2. My overall feelings
    A lot of things make it easy to write whenever where ever and help me along with my writing.
    It’s definitely worth checking out more.  I haven’t found out every thing yet, but all the things I enjoy are there, so…  big thumbs up for this project.

Please share your experiences and thoughts on this in the comment box.


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