4 extraordinary things, checkthisout!

I was looking at the word extraordinary.  I found some interesting pictures, quotes and writings, I just want to share.

  1. There is greatness in the everyday. It takes the artist within us transform the ordinary pieces of life into truth and beauty. It’s that simple. It’s that extraordinary.
  2. True, building and design are not my usual theme, but these bookshelves gave me an inspiration on their own.  They look fantastic. This article showcases 20 abc-by-saporiti
    extraordinary bookshelves.  I do believe that there must be many more fantastic pieces to showcase your most beloved books.  Share some if you find them!!

  3. When google-ing the word extraordinary, I came to find a book by Federica Sala (1981, Milan, Italy).  She is an architect and graphic designer based in Barcelona.
    In her works she mixes a lot of ingredients seeking “magic in the ordinary”.  And what a magician she is.  If you want to be inspired by ordinary things, and see how they become extraordinary, do give her site a try.
  4. And then for those who have kids, and like nice books.  I found a sweet book. Click on the link, to take a look inside, Something Extraordinary by Ben Clanton.