5 Trump questions on my mind

I’m hesitant to post this, but It’s on my mind.  And I write, when I’m stressed.  So I will post it, not as a critique, but as me questioning what I believe is right!

I have told you that I don’t enjoy politics or religion.
And when I read an article about Donald Trump, it just gets reconfirmed.  Because I feel his campaign just steps on our grieve.

  1. I will not tell you my personal feelings of this man, because I can only base my view of him, trough stories from the press. So do I wish to judge him?
  2. But saying we should do the same things (torture) they do to us makes me question: What is the difference between us and them?  Are we more righteous?  And if you believe so, why?
  3. Aren’t  you spouting the same ideological nonsens that they do?
    Ah, but it’s in your favor this time isn’t it,….?
  4. Are you really gonna say an eye for an eye until the whole world is blind?
    True you can live and be blind, …  but should we chose to do so and where is the freedom and peace in that?
  5. I believe we should not harm others, just because it fits our needs. Then again I wish not to be harmed, and protect my children,… How do we balance both?

I clearly don’t have the answers, but to me it seems neither does he.

Ik ben Belg, je suis Belge, I’m Belgian and maybe I’m just too humaine,….?