Light Through The Darkness



Light Through The Darkness

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 22nd of March 2016

Sadden hearts over the world,
As news unfolds of tragedy,
Sickening attacks upon innocence,
Igniting fears, fuelling hatred,
Humanity suffered yet again.

Along with others around the world,
Watching uselessly with the rest,
The downfall of humanity,
People are afraid, terrified,
While the rest of us watches on,
Unable to be shocked nor surprised,
That is what scares me the most.

Has humanity really came to this?
Tragedies happening so often,
No longer able to be shocked,
Acts against humanity being common,
Attacked by cowards,
Targeting the innocence,
The defenseless, the unprotected,
Has it really gone down to this?

More and more I see the terror,
Upon the faces of the people,
More and more I see the blood,
Filling, painting the street’s red,
More and more I feel useless,
Unable to extend my hand,
Reaching, helping…

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