Denise @writespiration84

Sacha Black gave this task:

The task was :  Scan the vicinity for the nearestdocument/book/magazine etc you haven’t written. Pick it up.  If it’s a book turn to page 77, If it’s a magazine or news paper turn to a page containing the number 3 (3, 13, 23 etc) If it’s anything else turn to page 4.  Take the tenth, thirty-third and the last word, then pick the longest word you can find on the rest of the page.  Write a story or poem in less than 100 words containing all the words

The Book I picked up was the child book of Eleanor (my daughter).  We receive this when our children are born.  During their first 6 years, information about health, growth and medication will be noted in that book.  My words where in dutch, so I translated.  You will find them highlighted!

…  Here goes nothing:…

“What can I do for you?”
“I found a little one, left in front of my doorstep, I did not know what else to do.
Curious to what is in the basket, the man in white says.
“That’s fine, it seems like a newborn, a dose of vaccinations is needed.” He takes out a  vaccination schedule .
Confused, the basket is placed on the table.
The doctor loosens the clip,  holding the bundle together,…
“It’s human?”
“Of course it’s human!”
“Well how should I know, I’m a vet, you know, I don’t expect children being brought into my office.”



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