March Easter challenges recap

  1. The visual inspiration prompthappy-easter What’s in them, who left em?
  2. The challenge prompt: write about chocolate delight, in just four sentences
  3. The creative challenge: Take a picture, write a weather report or draw, with the prompt ‘Stange weather’
  4. The 15 minutes challenge prompt: write during 15 minutes, starting from : “I can hear the bells ringing.”
  5. The visual promptCat-as-Easter-bunny-easter-catsI might be the Easter bunny!
  6. The Camp nano challenge :write about a campfire moment
  7. The challenge prompt: Write or take a picture of searching for some kind of treasure!
  8. The Visual writing Prompt: write 500 words, be inspired by these pictures


  9. The camp nano challenge: preparing to write, make a list of things you will be needing to kick off camp NaNoWriMo!
  10. The writing challenge prompt:write about the smell of spring.
  11. The visual promptnature flowers spring season snowdrops white flowers 1920x1200 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_14
  12. The challenge Prompt:  Write for 15 minutes starting from:The milky pastel morning, made me realize, spring has finally arrived
  13. The Camp Nano challenge: This evening, open the window, take the lights of and watch the stars for five or ten minutes.  Then write whatever comes to mind!

  14. The 5 sentence challenge: Write a five sentence poem with title: The first sun on my face.
  15. The one sentence challenge: Write one sentence about this picture!  spring