Writelifting #1: a history of secrets

Writelifting are simple writing exercises.  
Five words to use, 1 sentence to start with and write until you are done!

I had a hard time with some of the words and the story, seems like I need more practice.  Can you do better?  Give it a go, ping back or post in comment box

Words to use:  chesstripbloodcolorstatuesque
First sentence: 
They say everyone who looks into their family history will find a secret sooner or later.

They say everyone who looks into their family history will find a secret sooner or later.  It is true, even among the best of family’s.  Gen left the sitting room, where the blood filled carpet was about to be taken in for evidence.  The rooms in this house have a museum feel  and it gives the police officer a chill.  He startles when he notices a young woman standing statuesque, looking out the window.
The woman turns around, noticing someone standing behind her.
“Is the…  body gone?”
Gen nods silently.  “And you are?”
She walks up to him and puts her hand out.
“My name is Elisse Walker.  I’m…  was… writing the story about the Kingsman family.”
Gen takes in her features while shaking the woman’s hand.
“You where writing a biography?”
“Something like that.  I was asked to look the history of the family and write it down.”
“Wouldn’t that be a job more soothed for a historian?”
“That’s what I thought at first, but their intentions wasn’t to make a history book, mister Kingsman,…”  She swallowed her words as if she suddenly remembered the man was lying in his own poodle of blood some time ago. “That’s what he said.”
“So miss Walker, what time did you arrive?”
“I was early and mister Kingsman hates early birds just as much as late comers, so I waited about ten minutes, before I came in for our two ‘O clock appointment.”
Gen writes down some pointers, looks around and when noticing chess pieces on a board, in the middle of a game.
“Do you know if he had an appointment, was he meeting someone?”
“I don’t know for sure,  you would have to check with his personal assistant. Sometimes he would meet his nephew for a game of chess.” she pointed at the board. “But I didn’t see anyone leave the house and there was no car parked at the front of the house.”
gen wrote that down and then looked up with a sparkle in his eye.
“Did you find any secrets in your research?”
She hesitated.  Not sure if it was ethical of her to spill this kind of information.  But she decided a police officer wouldn’t put her in too much of trouble.
“More than one.  Starting from the youngest generation.”
“Anything worth killing over?”
She thought about that question.
“I just got affirmed that the color of their blood is red.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if they fight about money and titles.”
“Thank you miss, be advised that you do not take a trip at this time, we wish you to be ready on call.”