Writelifting #2: Alive

Writeliftings are simple writing exercises.  
Five words to use, 1 sentence to start with and write until you are done!

First sentence: As he stopped to catch her breath, he looked back
Words to use: fascinateddeathhouraxiomaticobtain

Weird story this time, but I think I did it rather fast!
If you’d like to join in and give it a go, post your story and ping back or leave a message in the comment box.


As he stopped to catch her breath, he looked back.  Arian had never felt like death was lurking around the corner, until today.  Just an hour ago a man came into his office and shot every and anyone he could, except Arian.  He ran, and has been running now for almost fifty minutes. But the man came after him, scared and in a panic, his mind is Alive.pngracing.  Who is that man and what does he mean to obtain by killing all of us?
Unable to move any further he falls on his knees, still looking at the road he had just ran across.  And then he saw.  A tall man wearing a black long cape, hiding his face, just walked around the corner.  He is still holding the gun he had used to kill the others.  Arian shook his head.  It had felt axiomatic, for the man to follow him.  But when seeing it now, he doesn’t even know why it had felt that way.  There was no reason at all he could come up with, why the man would want to kill him and his colleagues.  The man stepped closer, the barrel of the gun pointed in his direction.  Arian wanted to run, to move, to hide, bit could not move an inch.  But then as fast as he had appeared at his workplace, he just disappeared.  All that was left, was the gun and rather than frightened, relieved or horrified, Arian felt fascinated.  The whole experience just made him feel alive!