Writelifting #3: dazzled

Writelifting is the writing of a partial or whole story, using five given, random words and a random first sentence.  You write as long as you feel the need, or you have used all of the words.

I’m getting better at using the words, doesn’t mean the writing is any different.  But it’s prep work for Camp Nano.  I am thinking of making this a weekly feature, so…  If you feel like commenting use the box below, pinging back, when you join me in this adventure!

First sentence: She was carried along by the crowd
Words to use: feverishdrain, forgetful, replymacho


She was carried along by the crowd.  All heading towards the open area at edge of this town.  When she finally stood still, her footing was lost on the open drain.  Falling, she grabbed on to something, the only things around her being people,….  A big and strong hand came to her aid, Elaine looked up.
Facing her was a tall man, she would have described as macho.
-“Be careful, it’s dangerous to fall in a crowd like this.”
His voice was almost a whisper and his breath tickled her neck. Elaine, nodded.  Barely able to reply.
-“Thank you.”
Trying to stand on her own her face turned in pain.  Immediately, she was lifted from her feet and a noise of surprise left her lips.
-“We are moving again, hold on to me.” Announced his deep and whispering voice.
Elaine did what her savior told her to do and placed her arm around his shoulders.
She was very aware of him touching her and feared a feverish heat would emanating from those close contacts.  It didn’t take long before he had brought me to a first aid post.  Before turning back towards the crowd, he crouched closer.
-“What’s your name?”
Elaine felt forgetful, not being able to answer in an heartbeat.  She blushed.
He macho man smiled.  It almost melted her heart.
-“See you around Elaine.”
And he left.  All she could do was watch him leave, until the medic pushed onto her foot, that was swollen and turning blue.