Another Camp NaNo Goal 20K

Not the biggest goal, I know.  But I’ve got prep work for my volunteer job, kids with holidays, and honestly I’m still not feeling like I’d like to.
So, I though 20K would be just fine.

Yes, the story I’m going with isn’t new.  But I haven’t written much.  BTW, I won’t be writing the story, I’m preparing the storing to be written, by writing scenes I have in my head.  Hopefully I’ll be writing the story in November, with the help of these preparations.
So how do I do this while trying to juggle my life?

  1. I write when my kids are asleep
  2. I have a boyfriend who helps around the house
  3. I write ideas in a notebook every free minute I have
  4. I make free time to take a breather
  5. I ask for help, when I need it


20K to go