Coping with day 2 of camp NaNoWriMo

What happened today:
My wrist hurts soooooo much.  Yesterday I went out with the kids.  I had Eleanor  (my youngest) on my body, while Dietmar was in the stroller.  I had to steer and push the stroller withe one hand, while struggling a active and curious baby, with the other.
I think I overdone it.
I know I did! Everything else hurts as well, but I need my wrist to write.  So I have been struggling with my left hand, typing really slowly.  It’s frustrating, my mind goes too fast, and my hand to slow.  I hope it will be a bit better tomorrow.

Anyway, made a start on the second thing I wanted to write.  And I’m looking forward to what I’m going to write tomorrow.  It’s the first meeting of my MC with the big love of her life.  She will not know this however, so wondering how I’ll write it.
I hit the mark again and went a little further.

Heading out for day 3!

Words to go: 18,363