Dancing on day 4 of Camp

What happened today:

I’ve got my wrist taped.  It feels less painful typing and caring for the kids.
I’m unhappy with the uncertain way I’m writing, and I don’t like my style . I need to keep reminding myself these are just preparation scenes.

That being said the ideas are refining the story, building the world and the history.  There are still some holes to fill.  Questions I need answers to, but I’m on the right track in that departement.

I often ask a NaNoWriMo Friend for advice on my basic story and I send her a draft of a fight between a mother and daughter I wrote today.  She said she liked it.  That gave me a boost.   And I feel like surfing on that feeling a bit more before going to bed.  (I’m writing this an evening in advance)

So here are my preliminary stats on day 4:

words 2 write until 20 K = 17,194